New Dexter Machines, payment options and improvements starting May 22nd

We will be “retiring” our old 35 lb. Milnor washers, as well as replacing some of our older Speed Queen washers.  We are getting new more efficient Dexter 20 lb, 40 lb and 60 lb washers.  We are dedicated to doing the best we can to provide you with a great wash day experience.

On the new machines as well as on some, but not all of our dryers we will be installing the “Spyder Wash” payment option.  What the heck is a “Spyder Wash?”  You will now be able to pay to use the Spyder Wash equipped machines using your debit card, credit card or Apple Pay to pay to use the machine.  Don’t like those options?  You will still be able to pay with quarters just like before.

We will also, be putting in 4 big screen televisions for you watching enjoyment to help pass the time as you do your laundry.  We also plan to have USB cell phone charging stations in the near future.

With the addition of the new washers we will have, top load washers, 20 lb, 3o lb, 40 lb and 60 lb washers.  We give you multiple size options so that you can choose the right size washers to do your laundry.  More washers and dryers, more sizing options, giving you choices to do your laundry more efficiently … So, WHY WAIT?   Having more washers means that doing you laundry at Clean Coin Launderland can save you time so that you can other things that you enjoy more than doing your laundry.

Note:  The tentative installation date is May 22nd.  It will take about a week to get the equipment installed and running. It will be a little noisy, and maybe dusty as the workers do their jobs. That being said. we will be open during the installation.  Thank you for understanding.

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