Welcome to Clean Coin Launderland!

New large Dexter front loading machines up and running as of June 8th, 2018!

Now accepting all major credit and debit cards, ApplePay and AndroidPay at the machine.

  You can still use quarters too!

We are the largest and cleanest self service laundromat in the Silverlake area. We have over 140 machines. We have your regular top load washers and have many large front loading machines –  20 pound, 30 pound, 40 pound and 60 pound washers.  We have regular 30 lb stacked dryers and also 50 lb and 55 lb BIG dryers for larger items and loads. We have an attendant on duty most hours between 9 am until closing.

Time is your most important commodity, so why spend it waiting for a washer or dryer when you go to do your laundry.  Our motto is “Why Wait?” Because of our large number of machines, you don’t have to wait like you would at the smaller stores.


  • 30 – Speed Queen top load washers
  • 10 – Dexter 20 pound large double load washers
  • 16 – Speed Queen 30 pound very large triple load washers
  • 13 – Dexter 40 pound very, very large four load washers
  • 3 – Speed Queen very, very, very large 60 pound six load washers
  • 7 – Dexter huge 60 pound six load washers


  • 60 – Speed Queen 30 pound dryers
  • 4 – Speed Queen large 50 pound dryers
  • 3 – Speed Queen larger 55 pound dryers

So “WHY WAIT?” give us a try. Thank you. We have Free WI-FI so you can work or play on the internet while doing your laundry at our store.


Established in 1978.

Clean Coin Launderland is a family owned business, and the business has been run by two generations of our family. When it was built it was the largest laundromat in Los Angeles. Today, there are larger laundromats but not better ones. The basis of our business is to provide our customers with a clean and well maintained laundromat to do their laundry – same ideas for over 30 years.

Our son Derek is learning the business and is usually seen at the store on Tuesdays. He’s been around the store most of his life. Seeing his grandfather and grandmother working while he watched.